Chocolate Salami

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The name itself sounds lush. When my friend & chef told me to try one of these at his Restaurant, I was a little puzzled as I had never in my life come across something like a ‘Chocolate Salami’. That was triggering to my taste-buds. On the spur of the moment I felt the urge to try it.

The plating was simple, neat & to the point; very eye-appealing. Ah! The sophistication of simple things.
The chocolate salami was accompanied by a pretty-looking, perfectly-made, not-too-sweet and upto-the-mark custard. The chef might have made a log and then cut it into roundels while preparing the serving.
When it was served before me on the table, I took a good look at it. As I took the first bite, my mind started decoding the varient ingredients one by one; chocolate mixed with condensed milk, walnuts & flaky pistachio infused in a nice portion of rum mostly the legandary Old Monk.
I tried the second bite with the custard and I must say that the combination was commendable. Ever tried chocolate with beer? If not, I insist you do!
For all those who are curious to know, this dish was served at Barrels & Bones Restaurant in Panjim City, Goa.

Captured by: Yash Rane, my travel companion on this visit.