Mumbai Nagariyaa


This city never ceases to amaze me. Like a witch it has cast its spell on me. Even when I’m hiding inside my den, completely underground in absolute dark, it finds me & shows me signs of magic. It’s like I’m living in a magic land. This city is truly BOLLYWOOD, truly CINEMATIC. All the things I had ever imagined about this city ever since I was a kid, are all REAL. My imagination wasn’t lunatic. It’s all true. The more I follow my heart and the more I see more of the world, my will-power reach a new high every single time. My wings of imagination get stronger, perspective wider & ambitions grander.
Ah! The little things that are nothing less than pure magic.
“Bombay” – the magic word.

Captured by: Vineet Pal




When I stand near the sea and the waves come towards my feet, it feels like the vastness is coming towards me to engulf me. And when I continuously keep looking at my feet while being submerged in the waves, I feel like I have been engraved in a liquid black hole. Its shit scary! It is like my childhood dreams of getting lost floating in open black universe for eternity has come true.
It is like standing in front of your rival fear and confronting it.. confronting fear with fear and courage both intermingled in my state of mind.

Captured by: Yash Rane